World Cup

In the late 1990s, as the sport of inter-crosse was developing, several voices were raised in favour of playing the game in a more competitive form. After discussions with its member federations, the FIIC created the World Cup, which first took place in Auderghem, Belgium in 1999.

Initially, there was only a men’s tournament but in 2001 the first women’s World Cup was held in Lecco, Italy.

The creation of the World Cup has lead to a rapid technical development of the sport. A development that is still very much in progress.

2013 Lons-le-Saunier, France  WG 2013 Czech Republic Czech Republic
2012 Prague, Czech Republic WC 2012 Czech Republic Germany
2010 Duisburg, Germany
2008 Kriens, Switzerland WC 2008  Czech Republic Czech Republic
2006 Szombathely, Hungary WC 2006  Czech Republic  Cancelled
2005 Prague, Czech Republic WC 2005 Czech Republic Czech Republic
2004 Sursee, Switzerland Czech Republic  Czech Republic
2003 Sherbrooke, Québec  Canada Canada
2002 Szombathely, Hungary Czech Republic  Czech Republic
2001 Lecco, Italy  Québec  Czech Republic
2000 Kostelec,
Czech Republic
 Québec N/A
1999 Auderghem, Belgium Czech Republic N/A